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MT4 Expert Advisor: Trust_ETH_MACrossTrader

***Working on Windows PC MetaTrader 4

Why not trade FX by using Trust_ETH Expert Advisor on Meta Trader 4 Auto Trade System ? Original function is .....More
Trust_ETH expert advisor is special optimized for Ether(Ethereum) Trading.

  • Trailing control to match with current Ask and Bid different pips polarity 
    Size of Stop Loss(SL) and size of Take Profit(TP) when entry of trade, it should be change depending on trend up down for range of big polarity. But by only pips size of SL and TP is difficult to control profit because of trading spread and market fee is different from entry time it(
    To cope with it, added function of monitoring current total profit, if trend is right direction add new order copy as same as before the first(Long or Short) order. 

  LevelOrangeRefer of Expert Advisor Set file parameter: Set file parameter: AddOrderProfit=XXX


0.003 BTC


Trust_ETH_MACross_Trader strategy algorithm is based by Standard Moving Average Indicator Fast and Slow period cross timing(Golden & Dead Cross) Entry and Exit.
And Also Checking Day Trend and M5 TimeFrame Bars High and Low angle is sharp.....etc...
1EntryLots0.2if OrderRisk=0 Fixed Lots
2TakeProfit7000Take Profits Pips
3StopLoss4000Stop Loss Pips
4trailingStep100trailingStep Pips
6iMA_Fast_Period7Fist Moving Average Period
7iMA_Slow_Period 21Slow Moving Average Period
8iMA_TypeMODE_SMAMOving Average Type
9MaxLot1.0ORDER MaxLot
10MaxOrders9ORDER Max NUmbers
11OrderRisk6.0if >0 Entry Lot calc from free margin 1.0-->10.0%
12FixedProfit10.0If order profit over this price close to entry profit fixed
13AddOrderProfit0.5If Trend continued and current order profit is over 'AddOrderProfit', add same pre order
14StatingDeposit0.0for clac current margin report
15CloseOrderProfit6.0If Close Order Loss or Profit Price"
16ScalpingfalseIf True Scalping Order
17ScalLossPips140Scalping Pips Take Profit
18OrderNotifySendfalseIf True Send Mail Order entry close timing
19LoacalTimeZone9Time Zone for clac Day Trade Option
20DayTradeClosefalseIf True Day Tradeing Active
21CloseHour4Order Entry End Hour
22CloseMin30Order Entry End Minute
23OpenHour7Order Entry Start Hour
24OpenMin30Order Entry Start Minute
25MagicNumber195801Magic Number Uniq
26secretmagic999999999999Real Version Lock NUmber

Strategy Tester Report

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