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BitCoin Keyword – Wallet

BitCoin Wallet is made up of two secret key , one is public key (Bitcoin address) and another one is private key.

These two secret key are saving your wallet, after that you will be able to use BitCoin for the first time in your wallet.

Say an easy-to-understand public key and a private key, the public key keyhole, please private key is considered a key.

Since the public key is a keyhole, it is all open to the world in the form of a Bitcoin address. I think that can be seen if you look at the door that exists all over the world, but it has the presence of the keyhole is visible to everyone.




However, the key is not to publish to other people. I think you’re easy to understand if thought to not to imitate, such as to all published their own homes of the key to the world.



Even if the presence of keyhole is not visible, the same as the key to fit it is not possible to unlock if not, even if the public key of Bitcoin published to the world as Bitcoin address, the private key meeting it I do not know if you can not use the wallet of the contents.

Therefore, the private key must be you to defend. If the private key leak, you the balance that is in the Bitcoin address someone else becomes available.


About type of wallet (Typical)

 1. Clients of complete type

  •            Clients of complete type is characterized of downloading all the transaction data on the block chain, will be all transaction history download since the virtual currency.
  •            Block chain because there is a capacity of several 10GB at a minimum, you must have room on the hard disk capacity. Clients of complete type is the use of a PC version due to the large capacity will be basic.
  •            Famous and typical one is software called Bitcoin Core


 2. Clients of simple type

  •           Clients of the simple type is light because it does not download the block chain. It has been also called a light because Light wallet, such as the PC version and smartphone version, there are a lot of types.
  •            Famous and typical one is software called Electrum


 3. Online(Internet Service) type

  •           Online type of wallet is managed using the Internet browser, is a wallet on the Internet.
  •            Famous and typical one is Web Service called

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