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What BitCoin ?

  • BitCoin is kind of cryptocurrency which name of virtual coin.In terms of security is a digital currency of P2P type the encryption technology is being used (e-money).
    BitCoin is that trade and currency issues on the Internet ( “mining (mining)” called.) Is carried out “distributed virtual currency”. Without going through a central authority, such as governments and central banks, also, for trading on the P2P network, the brokerage fees are kept low of trading, you can do a quick currency trading with anyone anywhere in the world.

    Incidentally, the first virtual currency but a BitCoin transaction is started in 2009, and the virtual currency then greater than several hundred to several thousand have been developed.
    The P2P stands for peer-to-peer. In general, a client-server model used in the Internet, while the two position that clients server and requesting access to data to it to provide holding the data is fixed, P2P each peer ( * 1) holds the data, an autonomous distributed network model of that offer and request access peer data to other peers, it does not have to be fixed to each of the position of the server or client.

(* 1) peer (peer): refers to the node to communicate from the standpoint of the peer-to-peer or peer,.

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