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Plan Name: EC-Payment System       abbreviation (ec-pay)

Now I have a planning product of a smart contract payment system. This abbreviation is ec-pay(Electrical Contract Payment) using blockchain 2.0 algorithm(smart contract) for Ethereum project.

Cloud Funding Goal !

Until reach goal I need 700$ for kickstart at least.

Until end of this year (Dec.2018) ec-pay Service Start on our schedule.

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  • Establish project company…..registration the company tax and main bank with minimum capital
  • Detail of EC Payment System…..presentation about future business plan document
  • Develop prototype…..Implement mockup for idea of new(blockchain and smart contract) payment system
  • Testing for customer…..monitoring and evaluation to this payment system by customer(test environment)
  • Include this system into current payment system(alike of  PayPal, Bitcoin Payment)…..practical using on current market


  • While I will doing project I promise that report of progress project status(OK/NG/Task).


  •  When we will complete this project ,
    in case some customer buy product via ec-pay system
    we will take 5% commision from Ethereum money
    at that time I will 30% pay back for you from that fee while 6month.


  • I will start this project when I get 50% of the target amount (700 $).
  • If it does not reach 50% within 3 months, I promise to return money for you the full amount excluding the fee.

sync payment system future payback(1$)3%--(10$)30%

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