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The Bitcoin Constellation Is Bigger Than Most Realize

When most people think of bitcoin, they look at the price and its billion dollar market capitalization. However, bitcoin’s ecosystem is bigger than most people can imagine with its constellation of significantly growing micro-economies. Since bitcoin’s inception over the years, the cryptocurrency has created a massive economy of people who work directly with this protocol every day. This includes miners, software developers, startups, artists and writers, and many more groups and individuals who help build this infrastructure every day. Also read: Meet Tumblebit: The Unlinkable Payment Hub Four Smaller Economies Tethered to the Bitcoin Ecosystem Miners   Bitcoin has created a growing industry within its mining sector. This includes individuals and …

Bitcoin Games Paid 80 BTC in Jackpots Since October

Just a few months ago revamped its Bitcoin Games portal bringing fantastic casino classics to our website. In the last three months our games have paid out over 80 BTC in wins and the high stakes action continues to pay out more players daily. Also read: Big Names Gather When TNABC Comes Back to Miami Bitcoin Games Pays Out Over $77 Thousand in Bitcoin In Three Months   Bitcoin Games is a fun bitcoin-based casino portal with seven exclusive games, including video-poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, slots and dice. There’s no registration needed to play, and there’s a 99% expected return playing our games, trumping competitor gaming sites. Furthermore, payouts …

Why Volume Is Exploding at Mexican Bitcoin Exchange Bitso

The peso has steadily declined in the past three years and today sits at twenty-to-one to the dollar amid a period of economic uncertainty. In a nation of 120 million, 80 million lack access to basic financial services; that is, no banking and no credit. Mexico does, however, have 100 million cell lines. 80 percent of the phones sold in 2015 were smart phones. In short, Mexico is a highly connected country. Mexico is also a very “young” country (the median age is 28 years old). For perspective on this growing bitcoin market, the Bitcoin News team spoke with Bitso President and co-founder, Daniel Vogel. Mexicans are Discovering Bitcoin …

US Government Escalates Push for Post-Quantum Cryptography

Federal agencies of the US government are expanding their calls for quantum computing resistant encryption methods. In effect, the National Institute of Standards (NIST) recently announced a request for public-key post-quantum algorithms. This action follows warnings from the National Security Agency (NSA) about the risks of potential quantum-based cyberattacks and the NSA’s appeal for developing post-quantum algorithms. Also read: New Developments in Quantum Computing Impact Bitcoin Moreover, in the near future, it might possible for anyone to manipulate the awesome power of quantum computing. The astronomical price of a quantum computer would not be a limitation because, for example, IBM is offering to the general public quantum computing via the cloud. …

Coming Up: Drop Zone – a Hyper-Local Bitcoin-Based Market Service

There have been many attempts to create a working decentralized marketplace using cryptocurrency for transactions. Projects like Bitbay, Syscoin, the NXT marketplace, and Openbazaar have gained attention over the past few years building this vision. However, another concept announced back in the spring of 2015 called Drop Zone remains in the background. The proof-of-concept may offer yet another method of operating a censorship resistant marketplaces in the future. Also read: The Digital Revolution Increases Sovereignty Drop Zone Gives a New Idea Towards the Decentralized Marketplace Concept There are a few concepts within the bitcoin community which seem to be coveted killer applications. This very much includes ideas like the decentralized exchange …

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